The Dessie M. Chambers "Champion for the Cause" Award


The plight of one mother’s courageous battle with breast cancer some 20 years ago.  That experience forever changed the lives of her three daughters and one son.  We lived, breathed and shared in mother’s battle just as all families do when lives are interrupted by a catastrophic illness.  For me, it was the quiet eloquence of mother’s life that led me to want to passionately tell her story. Since she discovered late in life the fundamental importance of practicing good health, mother emphatically inspired us through her words to, “educate your daughters!”  Since, we are all daughters linked together by a common thread of caring about what happens to each other, I started this improbable journey guided by mother’s compelling words.  However, I quickly discovered that there were countless other advocates who, for whatever reason, are championing this same vital cause.  Needless to say, my very dear friend, Brenda Cobb, encouraged me to continue to ignite full expression to mother’s words to educate daughters and sons of daughters through increased breast health awareness.  Today, as a tribute to the memory of our mother and grandmother, my family and I will present the  Annual Dessie M. Chambers “Champion for the Cause” Award.  We will honor those persons who are tirelessly working in our communities through selflessness and service for this most vital cause.  Those are the persons who have learned that life is not about them, but that we acquire purpose and satisfaction by sharing in God’s love for others through volunteerism. 


Dianne E.C. Powell & The Chambers Family

Award Recipients:
George Williams


Myrtis Thomas
Kierra Sewell

Fredda Bryan
Lisa Burns
Angela Duke
Valerie Patterson


     "Daughters Linking Together - Building Stronger Communities"