Daughter Connection of Hampton Roads, Inc. (DCHR) came into existence in 2008 as the direct result of the life and legacy of a courageous breast cancer survivor, Dessie M. Chambers, who lived here in Hampton Roads.  Ms. Chambers was the mother of our current Director, Dianne E.C. Powell.  Her mother's heart’s desire was to inspire her daughters to educate their daughters and foster increased breast health awareness within their family.   Dianne, along with the help of some very dear friends, took her mother's desire a step further and formed what is now known as DCHR.


DCHR, Inc. is a grassroots, faith-based community service organization whose primary objective is to increase breast health awareness by connecting resources with the Hampton Roads Communities, especially in the minority communities.  Why a minority breast health target?  While it is painfully apparent that breast cancer impacts numerous lives, the mortality rate in the minority population far exceeds that of other races and cultures in the Hampton Roads geographic area.  Due to this startling fact, the goal of this organization is to dispel myths in the minority communities that prevent individuals from getting the necessary access to healthcare that can save their lives.  This organization is a compilation of several mother-daughter teams among other ladies who are “connected” and “committed” to spread the word that a breast cancer diagnosis is not necessarily a death sentence!

The hope of DCHR, Inc. is that persons will gather valuable information  that will prompt them to spread the word that early detection and healthy lifestyle choices dramatically lower the rate of breast cancer.  The goal is also to provide life-saving knowledge and mobilize women and men to be healthy advocates for their own good health and for those they love.  

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Community Service Organization!

"Daughters Linking Together - Building Stronger Communities"